Opening Days/Times & Payments

– Bookings can be made 8.30am to 9pm – 7 days a week (when studios available)

– Overruns incur extra payment in half hour chunks

– free 10 mins before and 10 mins after for set ups etc

– Deposit of 20% may be requested up front for new hirers

– Bookings outside normal hours above will attract a £5 extra per hour surcharge

– Payments must be made on the day by PayPal, Cash, Card (in person) or Bank Transfer


– Many lights of various powers (incl Elinchrom)

– Ringlight

– Softboxes (octo, square and wedge, some with grids), Reflectors

– Umbrellas, snoots, barn doors

– Beauty Dish with grid

– Gels

– Triggers and Receivers

– White box area for high key / fashion / family/group shoots

– Grey / Blue / Green paper backdrops

– Black cloth backdrop (JFYP) / Black Box (MATRIX)

– Grey Vinyl (MATRIX)

– Other colour sheet backdrops

– Fabric backdrops (Fantasy Cloths x3)

– Other photo-realistic backdrops

– Boudoir wallpaper / wood floor set

– New York Penthouse window wallpaper set

– Mini Chaise longue

– Various stools and chairs

– Leather Red Chesterfield Chair and footstool

– Sofa and tub Chairs

– Medium power fan

– White square box and rectangle box

– Hats, scarves, sunglasses, some clothing and other props

– Hot and cold drinks

– Warm studios!


– Free car parking

– Small industrial yard offers some urban opportunities with containers, walls etc

Please note

The studio does not have a PRS or PPL license for music so the only music playable during shoots is the copyright / royalty free music on my computer.  Or you play your own music with your own equipment. 3.5mm Jack plug and speaker can be provided.

Come see for yourself! Book your no obligation studio visit now by calling 01709 8754261 or messaging andy@jfyp.co.uk